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Our Fantastic Winter Break

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==== Creative Homework ====


The homework of this winter vacation is based on the theme of the Spring Festival, which is presented in the form of handwritten copy, research report and video interview。 The intention is to build up students’ multiple intelligence including practical language ability, information technology ability and graphic design ability。 Students are more likely to understand traditions of Spring Festival and cultural differences between China and western countries。 In addition, we encourage students to read extensively and write book review in order to enrich their language input, enhance humanistic quality and develop thinking ability。 We hope students can gain the joy of success from these tasks and fulfill their potential to make a great progress。 


Video show

The Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture. Students may be familiar with some of the customs, which celebrated by themselves or by their friends. But there are also many customs in China that students may not know. By collecting information on Customs of the Spring Festival in China, students can have a great chance to broaden their horizons and know more about Chinese culture. Also, by video interview, students' organization and interaction skills can be improved.

By 刘昀臻      学生原创,原汁原味(尽管有小小瑕疵)

Academic Research Project: Topics around the Spring Festival

This homework askes the students to write a research paper on a topic around the Spring Festival. Example topics are: Interpersonal relationships, business opportunities, customer behaviors, comparative studies between China and Western countries, Changes of the ways people celebrate the festival, etc. In the report, students must answer a question around the topic, and the answer has to be sustained by evidence, like data, interview or existing reports.

This homework is aimed to improve the academic writing skills of the students, which include literature reviewing, question formatting, data collecting, data analyzing, etc. This kind of practice is crucial for students to understand the structure of an academic research paper, the use of evidence and the methods of critical analysis. These skills are important for SAT reading and writing, as well as for preparing students for college academic life. 


Academic Research Project: Topics around the Spring Festival——汪容生

The Spring Festival is one of the most important and meaningful holiday in China, celebrating the Spring Festival has become an indispensable part of traditional customs. However, with the rapid development of our economy, people's living standard has been greatly increased, so the consumption during the Spring Festival has come into people’s sights and become a hot topic. My essay and investigation is about the economic changes this year compared with last year.

According to the research, (all the data were adopt form “The Consumption Statistics of the Spring Festival” from internet.

Compared with last year, 48% of people think that the household consumption will "significantly increase", 26% of people think that will be "slightly increase", 16% of people think that will be "constant", people who think that will be "slightly or dramatically reduced" only account for about 11%。 It is easy to see that with the increasing of people's income nowadays, the cause of this phenomenon is closely associated with the surging price; the results show that 63% of people believe that the surging price will affect the money they spend during the Spring Festival, only 11% of people dissent about this。 In our Chinese ideology, the Spring Festival is not only the symbol of the end of the year, the more it represents is the beginning of the New Year, so it is easy to see that most of the people are willing to have a comfortable time by doing some shopping, when the better living standard become reality, there will be absolutely increase in consumption during the Spring Festival。

So, where did people spend their money on? The report shows that 36% of people think that "clothes" is the most popular commodity during the Spring Festival, shopping often be the priority choice of some ladies during the festival.In addition, buying lovers and children clothes is also ladies’ indispensable "work". Those which think "food" is a major part of the cost accounts for 29%,asfor many people, the Spring Festival activity basically comes around food. Someone may be interested in how much can food exactly cost during the Spring Festival? A cashier working at a local market told me that about 20 days before the spring festival, the supermarket came into the sales peak, most customers spent about $200 to $600 shopping once, some of them made a deal even several thousands, and most of the commodity is food. "Gift" such as luxury goods also take a place for about 29%.Comparing with those, “trip” accounts for 3% and “tourism consumption” of 2% seem cost much less.

Besides, “Individual needs” is thought to be the one which serves as the main factor affecting the Spring Festival consumption increase, and it accounts for about 36 %. "Buy stuff for its good qualities" accounts for 22%, we can obviously find that Chinese citizens spent money wisely being not sidetracked form the quality of products. Be willing to spend money is a sign of better living standard of Chinese. But on the other hand, the consumption incensement seems can’t improve the buoyant atmosphere, and nowadays the strong festival atmosphere seems less and less. There are 63% of people think the festival atmosphere is very weak and people also be ignoring of traditional culture, and they all hope to have a more traditional Chinese New Year, 16% of people think that nowadays the Spring Festival is simple and fashion, and it is better than the orthodox Spring Festival it used to be, The better living conditions consequently improve the level of consumption during the Spring Festival, but we have to rethink that why the total consumption is higher but the buoyant atmosphere is less. The Spring Festival is our Chinese traditional culture, it represents the culture but the more filling with spirit, so we need to think deliberately: how to trade off material and cultural making a perfectly balance in order to find back our sense of having traditional Spring Festival.


This students’ report is a typical research paper, with background information, research question, data, critical analysis and conclusion。 The critical analysis is excellent, providing each answer with data to support it, and analyzing the possible cultural factors beneath the facts。

One thing that needs to be added is reference, which he missed。 A standard citation is a must for a research paper to avoid plagiarism。

Another thing that needs to be added is literature review, which is to review the work been done on this topic。 Literature review is necessary for the reader to know that this report is answering the question that has not been answered, or this research paper is providing new perspectives on the same topic。 


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